La Strada collection

Icecream colection

ICE CREAM is an art that combines authentic flavors with perfectly creamy textures. Each variety, from the fat-free sorbet enriched with fruit puree, water, and a hint of sugar, to the classic flavors, is an invitation to joy. Here, ice cream is not just a dessert, but an unforgettable experience that you can savor daily, without any guilt.

Cakes colection

A collection of contemporary desserts, "programmed" to win you over from the start. La Strada desserts are made from the highest quality ingredients and are crafted by master pastry chefs from France and Italy, following the most sophisticated recipes.


Let yourself be seduced by the most fashionable drink of the moment! Discover our cocktail recipes.

Our story

La Strada features a delicious collection of ice creams, sorbets, and cakes inspired by the fascinating and sophisticated world of fashion.


The "Conquer the Street" campaign is a manifesto for personal time. It's about taking time to discover the beauty of the city through inner beauty.